Zombie's Ate My Facebook Friends

Something strange is happening to my Facebook friends. One by one they seem to be changing into flesh-eating-zombies!

I have traced this latest outbreak of zombie flu to B-Sol (patient zero). I always knew he'd make a great leader of the undead...in fact it did not take him long to find his first victim...

...BJ-C. Poor thing was sitting in her dorm room studying romantic languages when she was attacked by her former mentor and "blog-father". Once she reanimated, she cut a swath through Facebook-Land.

Tony (right hook) Trotter was next, the poor kid put up a fight, but he was no match for the flesh hungry college ghoul.

Now that Tony was on the loose, nobody was safe!

Tony's victims included Philadelphia debutante and party girl, Liz Fine, who took to the monster's life with the same zeal she applied to her normal life, attacking her best friend, Jimmi Shrode...

Later Zombie Jimmi and Zombie Liz went on a rampage through the streets of Philadelphia...and now it seems no one is safe.


The latest victim of this horror, is noted Canadian Socialite and Alcoholic, Magnolia Thunderpussy, who was reported missing from the Moose Jaw nursing facility this morning, but was later seen trying to attack antiques dealers ...luckily, she did not have in her false teeth and was put down quickly.


B-Sol said...

mggggggrrrrhh gggaaahhhhmm uuhhhrggghh

Rowan Mayfaire said...

Can I be zombified too?

Alana said...

This is awesome. Brain looks especially good.