Grand Guignol Pop Music

I confess, I don't know much about Lady GaGa (yes, I am an out of touch gay guy, take back my toaster oven); when I first heard of her I assumed she was just another NYC drag queen gunning for fame. Who knows, she might still be a drag queen, but whatever her scene, last night she pulled off one incredible performance at MTV's music awards. Imagine if Madonna, Courtney Love and the late Wendy O. Williams were merged into one super-fantastic-freak-show of an act ... nope, even that does not do this justice.

OK, just watch the entire flippin' video (go to large screen if you can), you'll be pleasantly disgusted and surprised, I am sure.

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BJ-C said...

I am OBSESSED with her. Not really her music, just her entire persona. She's freaking intense and amazing. Check this out..