Just wanted to mention that when I watched [REC] the other night It made me remember why I love horror films. It's just a perfect "haunted house" tale with Blair Witch camera work as well as some religious overtones .

Miles ahead of its American remake, Quarantine, I absolutely loved this movie. A little bit of Night of the Living Dead, and a little bit of a paranoid fable, this movie was sheer flippin' perfection.Oh, and the last fifteen minutes were probably some of the most terrifying and suspenseful minutes I've spent watching a film.


MonsterScholar said...

I'm putting this on my list of requested items from the library.

Xtian said...

Loved [REC], it was everything a horror movie should be: a THRILL RIDE... oh boy, that last scare was for the books!

Great site, nice to see another gay horror movies fan, are we that rare?