Coming Soon: The Boys of Psycho Beach Party!

Charles Busch's Psycho Beach Party is a high-camp send up of beach films, slasher films and psychodramas...and it's chock full of male eye candy.

Soon we'll be taking a peek at some of the swell riding guys from this hysterical horror film; until then, enjoy the opening credit sequence to the film: Los Straitjackets and Ben Vaughn provide the music, and, that Ann Margret like go-go dancer is Tera Bonilla - turn up the speakers and start doing the Watusi!

And here's one more by Los Straitjackets, and Ms. Bonilla, along with some clips from the film! Surf's up!


MonsterScholar said...

Hands down, PBP has the best opening credits.

Pax Romano said...

MS, have you seen the follow up, Die, Mommie Die! ? It is beyond hysterical and so high camp that it pretty much goes right off the meter . I highly recommend it - it's Charles Busch's homage to the grande dame guignol films of the early 60's.

MonsterScholar said...
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MonsterScholar said...

I will definitely look it up. I so loved the radio gag in Psycho Beach Party when Starcat's hypnotizing her. "He's had 2 semesters of psych at Northwestern" That and you get a brief glimpse of Amy Adam's cooter. Haha.