Snowed In

If you know me, you know I love snow, and I am also a fan of anything more than 12 inches ... so, basically, I am enjoying this latest meteorological occurrence. 

Seriously, this is quite the storm, so I find myself homebound and finally back in front of my computer and as such, there are a few things that must be noted.

First, a huge hug, and a big sloppy kiss to my pal, Patrick Campbell for bestowing upon this blog, an  SSS award (Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing - that's what the Sx3 stands for).  Here's what Mr. Campbell had to say:

Unique. I don’t think another word quite describes Billy Loves Stu. I have visited a lot of horror blogs, many of which are great, and when I found this one I found like I was at home. So many different, awesome posts fill Billy Loves Stu, and the title alludes to the fact that the killers of a certain slasher may have been more than just friends, which makes a lot of sense.

For those of you not aware, Patrick runs his own blog (guess what the title is?) and you can find it HERE

Oh, and check this out, The Drunken Severed head (from the blog of the same name) just slapped me with another of those Kreativ Blogger awards.  Here's what TDS had to say:

Although he can't spell "stew" correctly, and never seems to post any recipes, Pax Romano's blog is creative, queer, and fun for all horror movie fans, whether you like classic or contemporary stuff.
Isn't that nice?  Thanks TDS,

And finally, I re watched Zombieland last night.  You know, I might get kicked out of the Horror Fan-club, but I really did not like this film.  It has it's moments, for sure, but just like the first time I saw it, it just left me cold.  I did not find it all that funny (Bill Murray notwithstanding), nor did I find it particularly scary.  Mostly, I found it irritating.  Does that make me a bad person?


Jayson said...

why yes, yes it does...


Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

I don't always like what everyone else likes either. Like that damn "Pants On The Ground" song from that guy on American Idol...it's sweaping the nation faster than the fad of the pet rock, and I freaking HATE it! So I suppose I don't belong in the "Cool" club, but that's okay the "Uncool" club lets me have my own damn taste, and opinion any damn time I feel like it. ;P

This rant from Te* has been brought to you by: "Douche Of The Undead - Bringing Freshness To The Not-So-Fresh."

lol my captcha for this post was thestu...no joke! ;P

wavingpalms said...

'Mostly, I found it irritating.'

Of course you did. Woody Harrelson is involved.

And my captcha for this post, no joke, is



Will Errickson said...

It's cool, I thought ZOMBIELAND was just barely okay too. It's not even a horror movie, I guess it's more like GHOSTBUSTERS in that sense.

Will Errickson said...

And no pun intended.