It Seems I'm Fabulous

One of the more tasteful citations that has been bestowed on this lowly blog is the Brains For Days Award that was given to me by Sean over at Zombie Truck Stop,  here's what he had to say about my efforts:

Billy Loves Stu, and I love Pax Romano's blog. With categories like "Horror Movie Hunks," "Horror Movie DILFS," and "Fresh Slabs of Meat" (hot dead guys in horror flicks), plus photo-heavy synopsis of classic (and not-so-classic) horror films, BLS is always a gay old time. Oh, and let's not forget the "Dame Grand Guignol" category, celebrating ladies of strong will in exploitation cinema. What would a gay blog be without some divas?

As always, I am thrilled and  delighted when anyone thinks that Billy Loves Stu is worth an accolade.  Now if you'll excuse, I have to make some room on my cyber mantle for this latest conferment.


Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

Oooooh child, gay zombie need some moisturizer! Much congrats once again Pax, you are an award slut! ;P

senski said...

The best thing about gay zombies? They're always stiff.

Anonymous said...

Senski for the win.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Sweets to the sweet, congrats on another well deserved award Pax!