Billy Loves Stu After Dark Valentine's Special

Well hello there, and welcome to tonight's special Valentine's edition of Billy Loves Stu After DarkCome on in and have a drink, do you need a light?   

We're coming to you live tonight from the 158th floor of Pax Romano Productions in the Penthouse suite. 

We've got such great guests here this evening.  First, let me introduce to you, all the way from her dorm room, the lovely blogger, BJ-C...BJ's going to be telling us all about her new talk show that will be premiering this fall on NBC, but now, well it looks like she's busy doing the Watusi with Rudolph Nureyev...man oh man, look at that girl dance, will ya?  Let's have another drink before I introduce you to the other swinging cats and kittens who are here tonight.

Boy Howdy, that's a damn good gin rickey, isn't it?

Hey, look over there, it's my good pally, and international playboy, Matt Suzaka.  Matt's here tonight to talk about his Valentine's plans and his quest to make the Guinness book of world records for amount of women he can seduce in one night, well, from the looks of things, he's got a good start.  I think he's doing the Cha Cha with Miss Rhonny Reaper!  Look at those crazy kids cutting a rug over there, will ya? Chances are we won't be seeing much of them, cause I think Cupid shot his love arrow into both of their hearts...hello young lovers! Hey you two, be careful, and if you can't be careful, name it after me!

So how's that drink working for ya?  Enjoying it?  Let me get you another.

Hey ho,  here comes the man now, Ladies and Gents, it's the King of Horror Blogging, the Chairman of the Scared, B-SolScobby Dobby Doo, Hey buddy boy, how's about a martini?  Later on, B-Sol and I are going to sing a medley of  Kurt Weil songs, and if I get him drunk enough, he might just model one of Kurt Henning's old singlets!  Uh Oh, did I just say that?!   Well did you ever, what a swell party this is!

Let's have a seat on the zebra print chaise lounge while I tell you about the other special surprises we have.

Later on my freaky deaky brother in crime, Te* will be joining us to talk about his latest adventures including the restraining order that was brought against him by a certain Hollywood star;  Sean Abley and Vince Liaguno will sing "The Girl that I Marry", and then the entire League of Tana Tea Drinkers will stage a musical production of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho !  Also Carl of ILHM will be reading excerpts from his new book, "Don't Blink, You'll Miss Something", and Aunt John and Unkle Lancifer will show us how to make a Bloody Valentine Casserole! 

All this and much more tonight when you tune into Billy Love's Stu After Dark Valentine's Special!  


Vince Liaguno said...

You so crazy! Happy Hearts Day to you and yours, Mr. Romano.

BJ-C said...

Good god I'm in love with you

B-Sol said...

You must be one of the newer fellas!