MOVIE POSTER MADNESS: When Wrestlers become Thespians Edition

When professional wrestler's trade in the spandex so that they may strut and fret, the results are almost always dreadful...until such a time that we see Hulk Hogan star with Meryl Streep in a remake of Macbeth, let's take a look at few movies that feature some of the bad boys of the squared circle Oh and before anyone tells me how good an actor Dwayne Johnson is, I have two words for you, "Southland Tales".

While his name is not even on the poster, Tor Johnson turned in one of his greatest performances as Inspector Clay in Edward D. Wood's classic, Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Roddy Piper pretty much ruled in John Carpenter's sci-fi satire of Reagan's America in They Live - while not a great actor, I can't imagine anyone else in the lead of this film.

Tyler Mane appeared in this little seen movie of no great consequence.

Caught this one late at night on cable ... fell asleep before it ended, I am sure it was magnificent.

Coming soon: Now if Kurt Angle just walks around nekid in this movie, then I am so there! Of course with his co-stars, Mr. Nash and Mr. Vicious...well, I smell an Oscar!


senski said...

I think we must coin either the term Wrespian or Thestler.

B-Sol said...

Don't forget Diamond Dallas Page in House of 1,000 Corpses!

Also, should I even point out that I've seen quite a bit of Kurt Angle in the locker room? More than I ever wanted to, and more than you'd dare to dream to?

wavingpalms said...

What is it with the weird Kurt Angle Whoopsies Thong Deshabille tradition in the house shows? Yet more to add to the heap of Why I Don't Understand Wrestling.

And if you're discussing Wrespian Thestlers, you CANNOT forget Santo and his little buddy, Azul!