Movie Poster Madness: DePalma edition.

Women in showers, women in peril, rock and roll, horror, telekinetic teens of terror, Hitchcock homages, cross-dressing-killers, Angie Dickinson's body double, Nancy Allen's gorgeous face, Nancy Allen's less than stellar acting abilities, awesome camera work, bloody-misogynistic-fare ... what's not to love about Brian DePalma's best films?



Doug said...

Some of my favorite flicks are the early DePalma films.
SISTERS was shot in the neighborhood where I grew up, so that will always have a special place in my heart. PHANTOM is a trip and a half. CARRIE is a classic. DRESSED TO KILL and BLOW OUT are awesome– and RAISING CAIN was my first date movie with my future husband. Need to re-watch those others (OBSESSION and THE FURY) soon. Thanks for the memories, Pax!

Pax Romano said...

Right there with you. I love his early work (But i have to admit, Femme Fatale was pretty damn good in a sleazy kind of way - of course having Antonio in it helped).

When I saw Carrie for the first time, I brought a friend of mine, and at the surprise ending she got so scared, she had an asthma attack. I spent a minute searching through her purse for her inhaler in a dark theater full of people screaming.

Good times.

wavingpalms said...

What's not to love about the SISTERS poster, which should have been titled SPOILERS?

That's what.